Friday 23 September 2016

The sons of 3 countries remembered

The Twinning cities present a play in English in Meaux to commemorate the centenary of WWI.

Monday 19 September 2016

EOC We didn't start the fire

Your videos:
 Sara 3B
Léa 3B

Lina 3D

Twinning with Basildon

Here are all the links to get in touch or to follow the Basildon group who came on September 17th:


twitter: #_forget_never

instagram: forgetneversomme


Sunday 11 September 2016

We didn't start the fire Billy joel

Pratique d’une langue étrangère au collège 
1 - Reproduire un modèle oral 

voici le clip de la chanson 

et maintenant entraîne toi avec le karaoke pour apprendre la partie demandée: