Thursday 4 February 2016

MTS internet ad

Before watching:

Where does the action take place?

Why do you think the woman is here?

What is her husband doing?

Is he □helpful or □ useless?

Now watch the video and answer the questions:

After watching:

Type of document? □Video clip      □short movie      □ad(vertisement)

Name the devices used in the video:

What device is NOT used?

Can you identify :

-the web search engine:

-the video-sharing website:

-an online photo-sharing:

-a mapping mobile app:

What can you see on the laptop?

What can you say about the dialogues?

Meaning of the song? Why was it used?

What about the slogan?

What product is it for?

At the end of the video, in your opinion where is the character going?

Bonus: What is the meaning of this video, What is the aim of the video?

Did you pay attention ? How do you say in English:


Cordon ombilical:

Nom d’utilisateur:

Mot de passe:

En direct :


Le plus facile :

Le plus puissant :

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